Welcome to the rural district of Kvam in Hardanger
. Kvam lies on the northwest side of the Hardangerfjord, with a beautiful view of Folgefonna, Norway's third largest glacier. The district has 8600 inhabitants. Its beautiful landscape stretches along the fjord from Strandebarm to Ålvik, a distance of 85 km. (kilometres). West towards Bergen, on route 7, is the mountain area called Kvamskogen, where you will find large clusters of cabins and four ski lifts. It is 74 km. from Bergen to Norheimsund, about a one hour drive by car or you can catch the bus that goes every hour.
If you are staying in Bergen, Kvam is your closest destination in "Fjord Norway". In the district of Kvam, there are three hotels, several guest houses, and a large number of cabins for rent along the fjord and at Kvamskogen. You will always find a place to stay for an exciting vacation in Kvam. Make it your base while visiting Hardanger and Bergen.

Norheimsund is the administrative and service centre in Kvam. This is the meeting point for boat routes that will take you to Utne and Odda. You can make connections for buses to Voss (route 7), or to Rosendal ( route 49). Kvam received an award for its work restoring the shore front in Norheimsund. There is a new dock for visiting boats(picture), a nicely decorated promenade along the docks and lots of parking space. The historical Sandven Hotel is a part of this shoreline. The hotel in "Swiss dragon style" architecture, its surrounding buildings and an old courthouse make a very special historical setting in the centre of town. From the town centre you can take a walk along Mo lake to the famous Steinsdalsfossen waterfall, especially well-known for its path behind the falls, or you can visit Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter, a national centre for the restoration of wooden boats.
This is a very beautiful village on the fjord with a hotel, a guest house, and two small shopping centres. You can visit the Ingebrigt Vik Museum and the Storeteigen country museum. Øystese has been chosen as the millennium centre for Hordaland County with the theme, "national romanticism". Having Øystese as your base, you can follow three "car walks" : Fitjadalen with a historical trail, Børvemarka and Skaarsvatnet ( the goldfish lake). Sjusete ski centre is a good starting point for walks in the mountains during the summer as well as in the winter. In the area around Øystese you will find many picturesquely located cabins for rent. 

Ingebrigt Vik Museum

This village is on route 49, south-west towards Rosendal, and is known for its especially fine scenery. Strandebarm has a long traditions for boat building, shipping and marine activities. Today, Fjellstrand boat building yard is the modern successor of this tradition. Near Strandebarm you will also find several fish farms which produce salmon and sea trout, and a processing plant for fish products. The village has a hotel, many cabins for rent and shops for your everyday needs.

Veiw over Strandebarm

Kvam Reiselivskontor, Sjusetevegen 27, 5610Øystese, Norway 
Tlf.: 047- 56555910 Faks.: 047- 56558440   E-post: k-reise@online.no